Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lillie's Special Day!

Yesterday we went to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari with Lillie in Santa Claus, Indiana. It is so incredibly convenient for us to go since it only takes 35 minutes to drive there (and because my sister won 2 free tickets and gave them to us! Thank you, little baby niece of mine! She's due to arrive next month.)

The forecast called for thunderstorms ALL day long. However, God had plans for us to enjoy our special day together. The only time we got wet was when we were playing in Splashin' Safari or speeding down Frightful Falls (and sweating too - but I'm not going to count that! It has been incredibly humid lately!)

Lillie absolutely loved riding all of the rides. After each one she would say "I want to ride another one!" or "I want sumpin' else!" She just wanted to go, go, go! So we did. The day was all about her and we were happy to make it special! They have several rides at Holiday World for children under 54''. Also, quite a few she could ride alone since she is over 36'' tall. There were even a couple of the bigger rides she could go on with Zac and I. She got to drive a pretty red car with her Daddy and go with me on the log ride 'Frightful Falls'. She was a little nervous at first when we were heading through the dark tunnel, but once we were out in the daylight riding through the water and even speeding down the "falls" she did great!

If you're looking for a family friendly theme park to visit, Holiday World & Splashin' Safari is a great option! You pay one price for BOTH parks (children under 3 are free), free soft drinks & free sunscreen. There are designated smoking areas and we didn't smell or breathe in any second hand smoke while there. The park is extremely clean and the staff is very friendly. Personally, I appreciate things like that. They also have a few shows that you can watch, meet Santa Claus, quite a few gift and snack shoppes, and of course bunches of games to play with prizes to win.

Check out some pictures from our fun outting!
 Lillie and Daddy posing with Santa
 On her first ride of the day.
 Waiting in line with Momma for another ride.
 Bumper Boats!
 After leaving Kima Bay
Zachary and myself taking a break. (Lillie was napping)
 Driving with Daddy
 Riding the blue fish.
Lillie met Pat Koch, Director of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!

Such great memories!

That's a summary of our fun day!

Love Always,
Mommy (Ashlie)

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