Monday, March 19, 2012

My Children

I love overcast days. I love them SO much! And not just because you can get some of the best light for photos but because my kiddos are SO pale I like not having to worry (as much) about their skin getting burnt!
Last Sunday I decided to take my sweet Lillie on a walk to the park. My main purpose was to get some updated photos of the sassy little thing, but her main goal was of course to hang out with mom and to swing once we got to the park. I'm sure the swinging trumped hanging out with me but we'll just say it was a combination of the two. Oh, and our unseasonably warm weather gifted us some wild flowers in our yard which made for a pretty little prop. Here are a few shots of my doll baby. She loves more than anything when we call her a beautiful princess. In fact when we ask what her name is she says "Lillie, The Beautiful Princess, *insert last name here*."

Lillie, Age 3

Reminding us to "stop and smell the flowers" ;)

Of course she got to swing!
Now for my little monster. I use the term "monster" lightly. He is the best little man in the world, the farthest thing from a monster even when he is showing off and giving his best growl. Nijel will be 1 year old on the 18th of April. I cannot believe a full year is nearly complete! I will cry like a big ol' baby at his birthday party next month. I managed to get through Lillie's with just a few tears but I know that I will be much more emotional at his being that he is our last first birthday to celebrate.
Very slyly trying to eat a stick.

Nijel, almost 11 months old

The little man just being adorable!

So, there are my sweetie-pies! I am so blessed to be able to spend each and every day with these little ones! They make me smile and I hope their happy faces make you smile (even just a little) too!

Love Always,
Mommy (Ashlie)

P.S. Coming soon I will have posts about my first vegetable garden! I am pretty darn excited to get started planting so I know there will be plenty to share!