Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bikini Bottom Birthday Bash - Nijel turns THREE!

Oh the joys of party planning...You scheme and dream about all of the details for weeks {maybe even months!} and then it's all over in a blink of an eye. To say that I am exhausted would be an understatement but seeing the sweet smile on my little guy's face made all of the hard work worth it!

We really did have such a fabulous day, the rain held off, and we were surrounded by people who love us! We are so blessed and Nijel had a fabulous birthday! 

My little guy was old enough to choose his own theme this year and he chose none other than

So without further adieu....

Welcome to Bikini Bottom!

Let's start with the healthiest menu item for good measure!
Spongebob Fruit Kabobs!
I cored a pineapple, skewed some delicious fresh fruit and voila! Adorable and oh-so-yummy!

 Close up of the pineapple and skewers.

Next up, Pearl's Pricey Oyster Cookies.So simple but they made quite an impression! These were definitely a favorite treat. Sugar cookies, blue raspberry icing, and candied pearls made up these adorable Oysters

 I used brown sugar as my sand just to fancy things up a bit and to help along my Bikni Bottom theme. A few star shaped sugar cookies and randonly placed pearls...and that was that!

It took me a day or two to figure out exactly how I wanted to represent Patrick. I decided a simple play on words would do the trick and these STARberry cheesecakes were a HUGE yummy hit!

Krabby Patties are a MUST at any Spongebob birthday bash.
I made these adorable Krabby Patty Cupcakes with a yellow cake mix, brownies, and some green and red icing! Yum Yum!

I am a worrier...I worry and I worry...and my worry was that I wouldn't have enough FOOD!, because I like people to leave my parties in a sugar coma I also made some

I used the same yellow cake as in the Krabby Patties, topped with cream cheese icing and gummy worms. Easy peasy!

Another healthy item was this tray of Coral Bits and Kelp Dip! We love  veggies! 

   Sea salt and vinegar chips made the perfect

Mini Nutter Butters, a dot of chocolate icing as my glue, and Hersey kisses made up these treats!
Yehaw! The perfect goody to represent our favorite Texas squirrel!


Yummy Stuff AKA blue chocolate dipped confetti cake balls covered in sprinkles. Delicious bite sized treats.

Mermaid Man's Ocean Water Punch! POW! So simple. Equal parts lemonade and blue raspberry juice.

Goody bags with the Main Man's mug on 'em.

And finally...a bit of a splurge but so much fun! The Spongebob Bouncy "Bubble" House!
The kids really enjoyed this. Well, the birthday boy sure was enjoying it until we had a minor mishap and it quickly deflated while he was inside...Uhh, needless to say he didn't re-enter the House of Bounce for the remainder of his party. Scarred for life? Possibly. 

Happy birthday, sweet Nijel! Mommy loves you all the way around the world and back and back and back! You are worth my achy feet and tired eyes. I hope your day was even HALF as special as you are to me. 

Love always,

Oooh, I almost forgot...The obligatory birthday candle blow out picture.